Welcome to SaddleRiver Ranch

SaddleRiver Ranch is located in the center of Oklahoma near Oklahoma City. We raise top seed stock for cattlemen who want specific Registered Black Angus genetics. Our program is centered around select families of females we believe offer the most Provable Production, Power and Presence. We employ a PPI program that records all ranch statistics and uses them to create our own unique set of "Numbers" that we believe are infinitely more accurate than other number systems since they are proven on the ranch.

Our goal with this program is to be able to PROVE that the herd at SaddleRiver will perform for our customers and deliver the characteristics they are looking for to improve their overall herd over time. Those characteristics include a clean-fronted, big-hipped phenotypes that are maternally beautiful, easy fleshing and consistently productive.

We cull deeply and ruthlessly in areas of bags and feet. Without exception, we believe that those two characteristics determine the primary functionality of cattle.



If you would like to reduce calving difficulty, providing proper nutrition will definitely help. Did you know that according to the Noble Foundation research, a bred heifer's body condition should be a 6!



The females that are either breeding stock or have made the cut for The Donor Pen have the same careful selection Process. If they don't meet the high standards of our PPI programs, they are culled. We look for exceptional!



Our bulls are bred to add consistency, muscle and "Looks" to your herd. We love to bring a unique line of genetic traits that are unusual these days. We guarantee their soundness and productivity for the first breeding season.



Visits to the ranch are always welcome. Our seed stock Donor Pen is something we are very proud of and by seeing the females we hope to help you make the right choices in your Bull selection.

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Dr. Stephen and Cathy Conner, Owners


10608 E Memorial Road
Jones, OK 73049

Visits to the ranch are always welcome. Our seed stock is something we are very proud of and by seeing the females, it helps you make the right choices for you in the Bulls also.